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A sneak peak into our business...

Tim Johnson got the opportunity to sit down with Louisa Murch White of Western Twist Media and be interviewed for the latest episode of her new hit cutting podcast, "The Cutting Edge Podcast"

Tim and Louisa talk all things horse business, buying and selling, and cutting in the Pacific Northwest and Canada. WARNING: this podcast is for PG-13 ears only. In regular Tim fashion, he's true to himself and accidentally drops a few f-bombs, it wouldn't be an authentic interview with Tim if he didn't use any cuss words! All joking aside, Tim is candid and casual with Louisa about his business and goes in depth what it looks like to be a client here at Tim Johnson Cutting Horses, and more importantly, how he can help a client with a budget who needs to find the right horse.

Click the link below to listen on SoundCloud at or download and subscribe to her podcast on your favorite device, Apple or Android, she's available on all the major ones!

Happy Listening! If you like what you hear, make sure to give Louisa and Tim some feedback with a review.

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